Good news! From June 2018, we are offering extra lessons for our students in the afternoon.

These lessons are free, all you need to do is sign up for them the day before, to ensure there is a place for you and the teacher has activities at your level.

Monday: Vocabulary lesson

Join the vocabulary lesson to boost your knowledge of common English words, for example phrasal verbs or vocabulary for typical conversation topics. At the end of the lesson there’ll be a conversation activity for you to practice what you’ve learnt.

Wednesday: Speaking and social club

A chance for students to chat together about a given topic. The teacher will help with vocabulary and prompt conversations with questions and pictures. If you’ve been to Tuesday’s pronunciation class, this is a good opportunity for students to practice what you learnt – and if you’re shy, just come to practice your listening skills!

Tuesday: Pronunciation lesson

Focus on building your speaking confidence by learning to pronounce English sounds, stress and intonation. Activities will include games, chants, role play and careful listening.

Thursday: Study club

You are welcome to do your homework, talk to friends in English, or read one of our books in the Common Room. A teacher will be there to give help and find extra homework for you if you want it.

Free extra lessons at The Leeds School of English