From January 2017, we are starting our evening course: classes for working professionals twice a week!

Join our lessons every Tuesday and Thursday between 6.00 – 7.50 pm, and we’ll help you develop your language skills.

The lessons include language work on all four basic skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing), but our course has a special focus on functional skills (expressions that you need for everyday communication).

The coursebook you will learn from is Speakout – an inspiring coursebook that is full of culture and functional skills. Check out this video from one of the authors of Speakout, Steve Oakes:

We also use MyEnglishLab, an online learning platform that helps you practice the language you learn in the classroom. So you can take your homework anywhere, or do extra practice tasks, whenever you have some time.

So, what stops you from signing up to our classes now? Remember, if you apply now, you’ll only have to pay £20 per week – and if you enrol for at least 8 weeks, you’ll also get your coursebook for free.

Apply now!