Fabien is our student intern – this is his first post about his experiences with us!

Well, hello everyone, it’s Fabien !

I’m a French student in International Trade, here at The Leeds School of English for two months. In the morning I’m a student and have English classes & in the afternoon I work as an intern.

I have to be at the school for the first class at 9:30am for three hours of General English. I have communicative lessons with Giles, which help me with functional language and everyday expressions. It’s very useful, I am becoming more confident by practicing and listening to real English.

In the afternoon, I work until 5 pm. I help other students to find the right university for them. I also do marketing for the school in France, dealing with agencies and providing them with information about the services the school offers.

I currently live at a student residence called The Plaza. It’s in the heart of Leeds, and most of the students of the school. also live there. It’s a modern and clean place, I feel very comfortable here!

I really appreciate the friendly atmosphere of my workplace. The remarkable relationship between teachers, students and colleagues make this school a nice place to study. Last Friday I took part in the Social Activities. Last time we went at the Xscape to do a 3D-minigolf match in the dark. We had fun and enjoyed this moment a lot!