2017 brings so many changes to our school – here’s a letter to our students explaining how we are improving our services in the New Year. Click to read it!

Dear Students,

Happy New Year and welcome back – I hope you have enjoyed the winter holidays, and have come back refreshed and ready for even more English!

As always, we are very excited to help you learn more every day, and we hope you find the time spent with us valuable.

We are always working hard to make the School an even better place to study, and this is why we have decided to make quite a few improvements in 2017.

New timetable from Monday 16 January 2017

The number and time of lessons on all courses will change. There will be three 50-minute lessons in the morning and two 50-minute lessons in the afternoon. The total time you spend in class does not change a lot, but your days here will be more dynamic!

Evening classes

We are starting a new evening course for those who work full-time but still want to learn English. There are four lessons a week in two evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Social programmes

Explorer Friday: social activities to improve your English in a funway while spending time with your friends from the school every Friday from 20 January 2017 for as little as £5 a week.

Getaway Saturday: full-day excursions on Saturdays – the first one is to York on 28 January for only £15. Book early to secure yout place – ask Anisah for details. You can even bring your family!


As you will see in the next few weeks, we will start to use e-learning in every class. This means that you will regularly get extra tasks to do at home using your computer – and you can also see your progress and test results.

We’ve listened

Last year’s feedback showed us that most of you asked for more testing in classes. So we have decided to update our testing system as well – again, this is something you will see in the coming weeks.

I hope these changes will help you enjoy learning with us even more. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to talk to me at any point.

Best wishes,

Andras Sztrokay

Academic Manager