This festival has its origins in Munich, Germany, where it was initially a celebration of a royal wedding between Kind Ludwig and his bride, Princess Theresa. It is now an incredibly popular event in Bavaria, and involves fairground rides, amusements and, of course, drinking lots and lots of beer!

Many cities around the world has started a similar festival to emulate the successful of the original, including Leeds! This October, visitors and inhabitants will be able to try delicious German food, try delicious German beer and listen to traditional and folk music in the city centre. Tickets are required but you can buy them online at the official website:

You might think it’s strange to attend a traditional German festival in England, but you’d be wrong! The U.K. is proud to be very multicultural, and we love to include traditions from other countries, especially since a great number of people living here are from abroad – and even more so when beer is involved!