Safeguarding Policy

The welfare of students under 18 is a major concern for our school, and we will do our best at all times to keep our students safe.

You can read our full Safeguarding Policy and Procedures here.

The Principal Safeguarding Lead for our school is the Academic Manager, Tasmin Smith.

You can contact her at or by calling our Reception: +44 (0) 1132 456476.

Supervision in the year-round school

Students are supervised during lessons and break times. However, they are free to leave the building in break times and before and after their lessons, where our staff cannot supervise them.

Students under 18 must arrive home to meet their host families by an agreed time in the evening (typically 9 pm). They must make contact with them if they cannot arrive home on time, and host families will always inform us if they don’t hear from the students by the time they should arrive home.

Supervision in Junior Summer School

We provide 24/7 supervision on the school site. Students might not be fully supervised during their free time, but there is always staff on site, and the students will know how to find them.

Students will be given some free time during excursions, when we cannot fully supervise them. However, they will be made aware of meeting points and emergency numbers.


If you are ever concerned about your child, please call us immediately. We are happy to help all day, every day.

Our phone number during working hours (Monday-Thursday 8.30 – 17.00, Friday 8.30 – 16.00) is:

+44 (0) 1132 456476

Our out-of-hours emergency number is:

+44 (0) 7397 883675